I’ve put together kind of a weird mix of songs for this month, but it was also kind of a weird month, so we're going to roll with it.

As always, you can find my full playlist on Spotify, and see below for why I included each song (everything makes sense in context, I promise). 

New York City - Owl City

I was a huge Owl City fan back in his “Fireflies” days, and when a coworker shared this song, I suddenly remembered why. On my first listen, I realized how much I'd missed his music, and also how much I want to run away to NYC with nothing but a map and a handful of change. If I end up going on a road trip this summer, this song will be blasted very loudly at least once. 

Favourite lyrics: “travel light and see the world right / you’ll never know if you never go” 

Helpless - Philippa Soo & the Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton

It was only a matter of time before a song from Hamilton made it onto one of these things. My family and I recently headed down to Seattle to see the show, and it was absolutely phenomenal. Shoba Narayan, who played our Eliza, killed this number in the best way possible. 

Favourite lyrics: “look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit, I’m helpless / down for the count and i’m drownin’ in ‘em”

Delicate - Taylor Swift

The old Taylor may be dead, but watching the music video for “Delicate” makes me think she’s still in there somewhere. This one hits especially close to home for me because so much of the love in my life feels delicate...isn't it? 

Favourite lyrics: “third floor on the West side, me and you / handsome, you’re a mansion with a view”

Done for Me - Charlie Puth ft. Kehlani

Charlie Puth keeps putting out really good songs about cheating, so I'm going to keep listening to them, I guess. Kehlani's vocals are definitely a highlight here. 

Favourite lyrics: None. This is not a song I’m listening to for its well-crafted metaphors.  

Magnets - Disclosure ft. Lorde

I was lucky enough to see Lorde perform this month, and I loved every second that she was on stage. I originally bought concert tickets because Melodrama is a masterpiece, but ended up coming away with an appreciation for some of the older tracks she played - including this one. 

Favourite lyrics: "'cause I felt melting magnets, babe / the second I saw you through half-shut eyes" 

Strawberries & Cigarettes - Troye Sivan

I love how gentle this song is, and how perfectly it captures the feeling of having everyday things - songs, drinks, certain types of food - coloured by the memories of people that aren't in your life anymore. 

Favourite lyrics: "and even if I run away / give my heart a holiday / still, strawberries and cigarettes always taste like you"

Found/Tonight - Ben Platt & Lin Manuel-Miranda

Seeing Ben and Lin perform this at the March For Our Lives brought me to tears. Here's to the brave teenagers who are taking on a burden they shouldn't have to, and making the world stop to listen. Tomorrow there'll be more of us. 

Favourite lyrics: "no matter what they tell you / tomorrow there'll be more of us / telling the story of tonight" 

Abide With Me - Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad has been one of my biggest inspirations for a long time. Besides creating beautiful music, she radiates compassion and empathy in a time when I feel that Christianity is so lacking in both. I rediscovered her version of this classic hymn after reading this thread on Twitter, and it's become my anthem for Easter this year. 

Favourite lyrics: "when other helpers fail and comforts flee / help of the helpless / O abide with me"

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