Publication History


Arrhythmia” - winner of the 2018 CBC Poetry Prize

“conversations with mom” | “one poem wonder” - forthcoming in Room Magazine

“artistic license” | “rattle on home” - talking about strawberries all of the time, Issue 3, Fall 2019

“Elegy for Opportunity” - PRISM international, Issue 57.4, Summer 2019

& instead” - SFU Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, April 2019

“how do you tell someone you’ve written a poem about them?” | “six months and counting” - Honey & Lime Lit, Issue 2, April 2019


my (small press) writing day - my (small press) writing day, September 2019

Poems vs. Papers - Not as Different as You’d Think! - SFU Student Learning Commons, February 2019


Interview with Natalie Lim - Marías at Sampaguitas

Young Writers: On Navigating the Publishing Industry - PRISM international