Most (if not all) of the time, if I'm travelling, I'm listening to music. I spend at least an hour every day commuting to and from work, so I thought I'd share a couple of the songs I've been playing on repeat during January.

You can find my January playlist on Spotify, and see below for a quick (not really because I love these songs and I have a lot to say) rundown on each track. 

My My My! - Troye Sivan
I loved Troye's first album, Blue Neighborhood, and "My My My!" finds me continuing to dance (badly) to his music when I think no one's watching.

Favourite lyrics: "oh my my my / living for your every move"

How Long - Charlie Puth
In "How Long", Charlie admits that he cheated on his girlfriend, then asks her to take him back anyway cause he still loves her sooo much. I, uh, probably wouldn't date him, but at least the song is good. 

Favourite lyrics: None, really?

Wolves - Selena Gomez, Marshmello
This has been on repeat pretty much non-stop since it came out. I like the concept of the song, the layered voices in the chorus, everything. 

Favourite lyrics: "I've looked for love in every stranger / took too much to ease the anger / all for you"

Something's Gotta Give - Camila Cabello
I was really impressed by Camila's debut solo album, and this is my favourite song off of it. I'll admit that Camila has better tracks to offer, but boy am I a sucker for a heartfelt ballad. 

Favourite lyrics: "something's gotta change / but I know that it won't / no reason to stay... / is a good reason to go"

Tiger Teeth - Walk the Moon
Walk the Moon deserves to be known for more than just "Shut Up and Dance." I'm a fan of almost their whole discography, and "Tiger Teeth" is so perfect that it's kind of hard to talk about. Please, just go listen to it.

Favourite lyrics: "love bites so deep / and we've got tiger teeth" 

Supercut - Lorde
This one snuck in right at the end of the month, when I finally decided to listen to Melodrama in full - and I'm so glad I did. The entire album is a masterpiece, but this romanticization of a long-gone love affair really struck a chord with me.

Favourite lyrics: "because ours are the moments I play in the dark / we were wild and fluorescent / come home to my heart" 

Call it Dreaming - Iron & Wine
A friend introduced me to this one, and it's become my go-to bedtime song. Just lovely.

Favourite lyrics: "where we keep the light we're given / we can lose and call it living"