I feel like October is really the month for sad music, you know? We’re still too far away from Christmas to feel festive, the fall doldrums are setting in, and school-wise, the semester’s really starting to heat up.

Although this October has been unusually sunny for Vancouver, I’ve put together a playlist of mostly-moody songs to get you in the fall spirit. And also because I just really, really love sad songs.

As always, you can find this month’s playlist on Spotify and my commentary below.

I Did Something Bad - Taylor Swift

Okay, so this isn’t a sad song, but I couldn’t NOT include it this month after seeing Taylor’s performance at the AMAs this year. Plus, she broke her infamous political silence this month and encouraged her fans to vote in an engaging, well-researched Instagram post. Go Taylor!

¡Corre! - Jesse & Joy

I generally don’t listen to music in other languages, but I’m a huge fan of Camila Cabello and she invited Jesse & Joy to perform “¡Corre!" at one of her shows. I’ve been listening ever since I saw the video.

Tell Me How - Paramore

When relationships change, whether romantic or not, it’s hard to recognize that things aren’t what they used to be. It’s even harder to navigate what the new relationship looks like, or if there should even be one anymore. I think Paramore really gets to the heart of that with “Tell Me How.”

Favourite lyrics: “I can't call you a stranger / but I can't call you / I know you think that I erased you / you may hate me, but I can’t hate you”

The Blower’s Daughter - Damien Rice

Unrequited love is the worst, but on the bright side, you can usually wring some great art out of all that angst. “The Blower’s Daughter” is really successful at capturing the feeling of wanting someone who doesn’t want you back. There’s also some brilliant musicality on display here—I especially appreciate the key change leading up to the bridge.

when the party’s over - Billie Eilish

This one is going to stick with me for a long time. I love the harmonies, the lyrics, the emotion—everything about it. What a beautiful, beautiful song.

Favourite lyrics: “don't you know too much already / I'll only hurt you if you let me / call me friend but keep me closer / and I'll call you when the party's over”

And So It Goes - Billy Joel

I first encountered “And So It Goes” in my high school choir. I remember thinking when I first heard it that it was one of the best-written songs I’d ever sung. I still do. What a masterclass in storytelling.

Favourite lyrics:so I would choose to be with you / that's if the choice were mine to make / but you can make decisions too / and you can have this heart to break”

We’re getting to the final stretch of 2018 now! I can’t believe I’ve been making these playlists for almost a year. I’ll see you next month for what will probably be a jarring mix of sad music and upbeat Christmas tunes.

Want some music that’s mildly less depressing? My Official Summer Jams playlist from June can help with that.